Adult Rider Program

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2016 Adult Rider Clinic

We had a great Leslie Law clinic at Rocking Horse in Central Florida.  The cross country was opened for us to school on Sunday so many people were able to get prepared for the show with great instruction.

Next year, in 2017, we will rethink the timing due to the many entries.  The farm has requested that we move to the weekend following the show so I will look at the calendar of events and decide on next year's timing.

2016 Team Challenges

We are scheduling at least 2 team challenges this year.  The first will be at Poplar Place Farm horse trials in March.  I already have a couple of teams but everyone is welcome.  Contact me at to get on a team.

We do the college format so the teams are mixed levels.  Each score is weighted depending on the level so Beginner Novice scores do not count as much as Prelim scores.  This format and weighting is also used in other team challenges around the eventing community.

The second team challenge will be at Rocking Horse spring show in April.  The same format will be utilized.  I will send out emails reminding everyone of the upcoming shows,

The ATC will be held along with the AECs at Tryon this year.  We will have an adult rider party and many teams, hopefully.  To get on a team please contact Robing at  This year we should have a good turnout as the show is in our backyard.  We will have a limited number of teams that we can send so you will need to be on the list as soon as opening day.

Instructors' Certification Program

The Cindy Burge Memorial Instructors' Certification Program (ICP) Grant provides funds to assist those who wish to pursue ICP education. Within Area 3, the Adult Rider program sponsors a yearly scholarship of up to $500 for ICP assessment.  Contact Robin for further details.

Email Distribution List

The email distribution list is growing as we grow membership.  You need to sign up for the USEA adult rider program to be placed on the list.  I will add any USEA organizer as a courtesy so let me know if you would like to be included.  If you have horses for sale, lease, or tack, or anything horsey to get out to our general population shoot me an email.  

Please include all the details and contact information.  It is best if you do not send large files.  People can come directly to your contact info for photos or video.